Patient participation group

We are keen to hear what our patients have to say about our services, and wherever possible wish to involve patients in service development. To this end we have a Patient Participation Group, and we are always keen for new members.


The group’s aims are:

  • To be a voice for patients
  • To provide a link service for patients with the practice/advocacy role
  • Support the practice with new developments
  • Provide feedback to the practice
  • Provide suggestions on how patient services could be improved


If you would like to join our PPG and/or receive minutes please email


 Below are some key documents that the PPG would like to share with all patients:


 Aston Healthcare PPG – Terms of Reference


The PPG hold a meeting every 12 weeks and include representatives from all 6 practice locations. All meetings will be held via video link and Microsoft Teams is used for this purpose.  Below is a table that highlights all meetings for 2022-23 together with the associated minutes.




Meeting Date Type of Meeting Minutes

Microsoft Teams

(Joint PPG Meeting) 



Microsoft Teams

(Joint PPG Meeting)


Microsoft Teams

(Joint PPG Meeting)



PPG Core Membership


The practice are recruiting for core PPG members from all 6 practice locations (as it is important that we have representation from the practice population). Being a core member would mean attending the quarterly meetings (via Teams), reviewing meeting minutes, contributing towards the PPG action plan and practice development.   If you are interested to find out more and/or become a core PPG member then please email 



Virtual PPG Members


We acknowledge that not all patients are able to attend a face to face meeting due to various reasons, therefore we have established a virtual PPG membership and this includes any patient that expresses an interest to be a member. 


Virtual PPG members will be engaged to actively respond on minutes, queries the practice may have, the PPG action plan and service developments the practice and/or PPG propose.  If you are interested to find out more and/or become a virtual PPG member then please email